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Michael Tchong


A professional trend forecaster, speaker and author, Michael speaks and writes about cracking the code of the future applying his unique framework of Ubertrends — massive waves that are reshaping global behavior. Michael’s high-energy and passionate approach exemplifies his trademark motto, “I help you catch the next wave before it catches you.” His talks showcase innovation catalysts that are reinventing industries by harnessing emerging societal and technology trends.

Morning Sessions

Based on Michael Tchong’s new book Ubertrends – How Trends and Innovation Are Transforming Our Future, this exclusive session dives into the tsunamis of change that are Ubertrends, understanding how they are roiling our culture and human behavior. Ubertrends are remarkable transformation that also offer many windows of opportunity for innovation. This session will be an interactive trend exploration and demonstration of the following waves:

Casual Living

The Evaporation of Decorum

The faceless masses of today’s society, emboldened by an anonymous internet culture, are lowering the barrier of civilized behavior. An undesired side effect of the Casual Living Ubertrend, which breeds informality, is the evaporation of decorum.

Digital Lifestyle

Marriage of Man and Machine

The Digital Lifestyle is rewriting the rules of innovation. As technology becomes more tightly interwoven with the fabric of life, the dominant values that rule this technology infused age are connectivity, convergence and convenience.

Fountain of Youth

Rejuvenating Body, Spirit and Environment

As people live longer, the Fountain of Youth Ubertrend is stimulating demand for innovative rejuvenation solutions. The prevailing forever young attitude owes its existence to a youth obsessed culture that tacitly ignores the old while readily flirting with the new.

Generation X-tasy

Been There, Done That

Generation X-tasy is warping society’s norms. Oscar Wilde’s 1893 observation that “nothing succeeds like excess” has become par for the course. This experiential Ubertrend is the driving force behind a popular expression that says it all: “Been there, done that.”

Time Compression

The Acceleration of Life

Time Compression has led to a multitasking population that’s in love with instant gratification. It’s a world that treasures speedy, efficient services that are simple to understand, and that better manage their increasingly valuable disposable time.


Untethered and Unfettered

Unwired is creating a highly mobile, independent lifestyle. The chief value impelling people to unwire is freedom. They want to decide when and where to use services, while seeking greater control over life’s daily interfaces. Think “control enthusiast.”


I Like to Watch

Voyeurgasm has led to a society obsessed with celebrities, reality shows, surveillance and other voyeuristic pursuits. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, the need to watch will usher in a highly transparent future where the innermost workings are revealed in ultra high definition.


Ascent of Woman

WAF, the Woman’s Acceptance Factor, is an Ubertrend that’s leading to an increasingly female-centricsociety. It’s being driven by more highly educated women, female entrepreneurs and politicians, whose social media influence, is helping to shape-shift the order of humanity.

Afternoon Sessions

Innovation Exploration

Exploring the what, why, when, who, and where aspects of innovation, this engaging session traces the history and the impact of innovation. The session is presented using case studies to show that relentless innovation drives financial success. It explores changes in management attitudes toward innovation, including a sea-change shift in thinking during the 90s; the explosion in CINO titles around the world; the weaving of technology, à la Digital Lifestyle, in business innovation initiatives, and much more.

Innovation Brainwriting

Reimagine the way you brainstorm as the sessions guides you through alternative thought development processes.

Pain Point Analysis

Using the Business Model Canvas to sketch each individual’s business strengths and weaknesses, the part of the afternoon session will focus on immovable objects, and the want for innovation but resistance to implement it. Live objection handling followed by solving today’s biggest challenge propelled by the Casual Living Ubertrend: “Customer Rage.” There has been a dramatic increase in people reporting problems, despite the fact that companies are spending big on customer-service programs.

Building a Culture of Innovation

This portion of the afternoon session is focused on following the customer experience, exploring design thinking, and valuable resources for innovation.

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